Packed and ready to go: no kitchen sink necessary

The past few days I have been getting packed up and getting organised.  I am used to packing.  The trick is, don’t unpack.  I packed up my entire life before I left for my two years in the U.K.  My parents were going to be moving house while I was away so I packed up everything so my mum didn’t have to.  I don’t mind mum packing, it’s just we have very different ideas of what to keep.  After burning my bedroom out when I was 14 I don’t get attached to material objects.  Well, I try not to.  So I tend to throw a lot of stuff away.  This time I wasn’t too bad.  I only had one garbage bag full.  But my life is now all packed back into the storage container we have out the back of the house.

My bag is even more impressive.  My pack is under 20kgs.  (I can fit 25kg).  And my daypack/ carry-on is half empty and about 5kg (not the usual 10kg).  Yes, I have packed for 2 years and I haven’t forgotten anything.  I don’t pack for ‘just in case’.  I just take what I need.  This includes a little black dress and heels, wet-weather gear, basic winter wear, interview/ work clothes and regular every day wear.  Pretty impressive, hey?

There are a lot of things I would have liked to have been able to pack, like my best friend.  But her husband and 5 children might need her more than I do, and I don’t have a bag big enough for the lot of them.  I have been thinking about the things I’m going to miss, and what I missed while in England.  One thing I really missed; dim sims.  I don’t know why, but every hangover I would crave them, and then miss home.  I will miss my mum’s cooking.  But she was lovely enough to cook my all-time favourite meal for Easter.  But it’s not what I’m going to miss but what I’m going to miss out on.  I will miss my nephew and god-children growing up, and the birth of my niece.  I will miss out on sharing life.  But I can’t let this stop me from making my choices and living my life.  Though, I’m sure many disagree with the life I live.  This I will write more about at a later date.

As for now, all Tasmanian goodbyes are said and done.  There are a few people I didn’t get a chance to catch up with while being home.  I am sad about this, but life happens.  I don’t like goodbyes.  I don’t like the fuss or the big deal.  I like to keep it casual, “Ok, see you later.  See you in 2 years.”  I’m in Melbourne at the moment.  I’m here for a few days.  I’m spending a couple of days with my grandparents, then catching up with my favourite person, and then going to the quilt convention with my mum.  I’m looking forward to it.  We’ve been trying to get there for a few years now.

Anyway, I’ve got to pack up all my stuff now and get ready for dinner.  Don’t forget to ‘Share’ or ‘Like’.  Thanks.

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2 comments on “Packed and ready to go: no kitchen sink necessary

  1. karalwrnc says:

    Okay, catching up again, but I just wanted to say I’m pretty impressed with the inclusion of the LBD and heels, lol.

    • Essential! Some places you just can’t go looking like a travelling scumbag. I suggest jersey fabric as it is comfortable. It stretches in case you’ve put on weight since the last time you’ve worn it and you don’t have to iron it. Pull it out of you bag, add mascara and you are good to go.

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